Frozen Duck Feet

Quick Details

Type: Duck
Style: Frozen
Feature: Nutritious,Vitamin
Product Type: Poultry
Part: Leg
Grade: AAA
Weight: 15kg/carton
Weight range: 30-50g
Storage Temp: -18C
Frozen Type: BQF

Product description and chemical composition
Detailed Description:
– Washed and clean.
– Without yellow skin.
– No feathers.
– No bad smell.
– No blood.
– No bruises.
– No black pads.
– No traces of carved deep wounds.
– No ammonia burns.
– Broken bones: under 3%.
– Moisture content: less than 1%.
– Drainage: 0 to -5°C for 8 hours.
– Blasted at: -40°C.
– Storage at: -18°C
– 100% Fresh and Frozen

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