Frozen Chicken

Quick Details

Type : Chicken
Style: Frozen
Part: All parts
Grade: A
Weight: 0.20
Product Type : Poultry
Freezing Process: IQF
Feature: Low-Sugar ,Gluten Free

General Specifications
– Feather off
- Well Washed, cleaned and fresh
- No bruises
- No black pads or ammonia burns
- No bad smells
– No traces of deep carved wounds
- No excessive blood or blood stains
- Moisture content is less than 1%
– Broken bones are less than 3%

we can supply all kinds of frozen chicken cuts as seen below.

1. frozen whole chicken
2. frozen chicken feet
3. frozen chicken Paws
4. frozen chicken breast
5. frozen chicken thighs
6. frozen chicken drumstick
7. frozen chicken leg quarters
8. frozen chicken wings
9.frozen whole chicken

Packaging Details:
10kg box
10kg x 1 poly bag = 10kg box OR . 5kg x 2 poly bags
FOR 20kg box
5kg x 4 poly bags = 20kg OR 10kg x 2 poly bags = 20kg

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