Alpine Goat

Quick info :
Our company deals with the supply live alpine goat ,Holstein Heifer (Pregnant) , sheep , & Live Goats , horses, Camels, Saanen Goats & cattle ( steers and cows), calf ( young ) for the best price you can find
Our animal are well bred champions , free from parasite and other disease, current on vaccination and regularly vet checked by our qualify surgeon We have a large selection of Camels , Holstein Heifer, Saanen Goats , Boer Goat , PureBred and Fullblood (registered)
We supply Bucks/Does/Kids/Pregnant Goats/Boer goat semen.

– Certification: Pedigree,Veterinary Certificate
– Packing: Buyer’s Request
– Age : 4- 6 months /7-8 Months
– Weight : 40-50kg and 60-70kg and above

Notice : For milking and pregnancy contact us.
Contact us for current price , current pictures and more details